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Important Update: 19th June

Thank you for reading our first of many updates regarding our server and community.

The team have been busy at work developing the servers the servers for our community. Though the members on our Discord server receive almost daily updates form Hyper, we are aware that many do not have access to these, hence, we will be posting the major changes here.

Recently we have moved servers and the new server is currently running very smoothly. We are currently developing the following servers for the community. Please feel free to join these servers, however, beware that the status of these servers may change.

CSGO Server: - 16 Players - 128 tick speed - EU/US - NO LAG - ONLINE | Alpha Stages

Arma3 Altis Life: - 64 Players - EU/US - NO LAG - ONLINE | Alpha Stages

Space Engineers: - 8 Players - EU/US - NO LAG - OFFLINE | Alpha Stages

Factorio Latest Experimental: - Unlimited Players - EU/US - ONLINE | Alpha Stages

Minecraft Latest: mc.hypergaming.co.uk - 2018 Players - EU/US - ONLINE | Beta Stages

In order to access the Alpha and Beta servers that have no IP in the above list, you will need to apply in a private message to HyperGaming19. However, all donators get access to the alpha and beta servers by default!

On the Minecraft front, the Tags and Tag packs are now available for purchase in our donation store for use on the Minecraft servers. We aim to complete the Donator Ranks on the Minecraft server within the next month or so.

We are also nearing completion of two of our game modes Factions and Skywars. We would like to thank all of our members that have helped on the Factions Spawn and producing the Skywars maps. We are also looking to compile a modpack for our network. we are producing this modpack with performance in mind, allowing lower end machines can run this addition. The work has not yet been started but we are looking forward to it alongside the many other projects we have underway.

Hope this sheds some light on what has been going on behind the scenes.

Please continue to inform us of any problems or errors you find on our servers (Minecraft servers on the forums, Other servers in a direct message to HperGaming19 or Myself)

Kind regards,

The HyperGaming Staff Team