Discord Bots | You can use these :) FOR FREE

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Our Discord is updating and we are allowing you to use our bots as we grow.


Your all-in-one Discord bot. Not only does this bot support the core functionality of your standard Discord, but it's also all under one roof. Instead of having 5+ different bots to your Discord, you will only need this one.

You can set role management: if a user is in your Discord for more than X days, the bot will automatically give them the role you set. You can also add a reaction role, so users that react with an emoji you set on a message get given a certain role. As a plus, it has a stream alert feature for Youtube and Twitch. These are really cool features that we've used in our own Discord! We will be constantly adding to this bot and having an update for all of our bots on our website.

Click the link below and add it to your Discord. Type /help and it will DM you a helpful list!


This bot works really well with Discord. We built it so it has very high-quality music. It works very well with Spotify, Youtube, Youtube Playlists & Soundcloud. This bot won't ever let you down, so all you've gotta do is invite it into your server and do /help for all the commands and information you need :)

Click the link below and add it to your server!
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