Development Updates #3: First monthly update

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Starting from this very post, every month either when the month starts or just before, we will post a monthly development report showcasing all the work we've done as a team. This will show everything that we have worked on and that was made. We may include things that show off our long long list of things to do, but anyways here we go.

:mc_2-0: Minecraft
  • Permissions: We have worked on 10% of all permissions getting the basics down for at least 2 servers to be playable, though not 100% there yet. 90% of groups are made but none are filled with correct permissions. This should be completed by our next report. So far we have made it so you can actually play. Still a ways to go, though.
  • Crates: We spent a while making a crate area for Survival. This area will hold our amazing crates. You can do /warp crates and teleport there.
  • Voting: We are still working on sorting out the correct rewards to give as players vote. Top monthly voters will be given special rewards if their total votes are over a certain amount. This is yet to be planned out!
  • Plots: Our Creative server is almost complete. We are looking into making a spawn that showcases all the commands in depth showing off what you can do. We have optimised the plugin, so it doesn't lag when players reset/remove/create plots. This will allow you to worldedit and voxel as much as you want as well as using as much redstone as you could ever imagine!
  • AutoRank: Our auto rankup system is in full effect with rewards and placeholders setup! This is tried and tested and it works flawlessly. If you play on any of our servers, you will gain in-game time and this will count towards your next rankup. There will be a place where you can view the requirements and rewards for each rank soon :)
  • Server Selector: In our Hub server, you can right-click the compass and select what server you want to join/play on. This is being updated to look better and display how many players are on each server. Not only that, but they will show off what each server has to offer in a brief overview.
🕵️‍♂️ Security
  • Personally, as the owner, I take security very seriously. I've ran multiple scanners on our website and database to check for security risks that could lead to data breaches or risks that could lead to people exploiting or damaging the community in any way. I'm happy to report that there were 0 risks and performance improvements are implemented!
💼 Factorio
  • Over on our Factorio servers, we have updated our servers to the latest experimental build a number overtimes throughout the month. I am happy to report that we will continue doing so and that we are going to start working on custom scenario maps for our community to play on. This is a great idea that is finally coming to light after one of our community members thought of it.
  • Our monthly server has been reset.
  • Our weekly server has been reset 3 times.
  • Our daily server is always being reset, but sometimes we leave it a little longer for players to finish up challenges.
  • Factorio Daily will be a challenge server. In it people will attempt to do no-spoon runs, all science, send a fish to space in a rocket, etc. Our server is one of the most unique servers out there since there are not many communities coming together and working on completing all those awesome achievements.
  • Factorio Weekly will be our minigames server! ( more on this in our next update )
  • Factorio Monthly will be our mega base server! If you're into that then that's your home!
:mc_311-0: Discord
  • We have completely changed up our entire Discord!

    You will be able to check out our rules in a lot of detail on our website. These are constantly being worked on and monitored to suit our community as we grow. We have reached a HUGE(!!!) 500 members due to our Factorio servers taking off and Minecraft development starting up. This is amazing and we cannot wait to hit 1000 members!

    As for our Discord bots, we have moved over from our old Discord bot server and now we are onto our London1 dedicated server. This is great for performance and storage space. Our bots HyperCore & HyperMusic have had a number of improvements over the past month and will continue to be worked on throughout this year. We are so happy with our bots, we even let anyone use them free of charge forever! No premium features will ever be implemented, you will always have the best performance possible and have access to it forever for free. This is one of our best features :geek:

    We are also happy to announce that our main announcements will be put on our website instead of you all being pinged 3 - 4 times a day. We will only ever post important information for you all to understand and take in. Due to the community changing, we need to keep you all up to date with new features.
:mc_358-0: Website
  • MineSync has been added. You can now do /register in Minecraft on any hub server and register an account on our website. You may also do /link and link your account to your existing forums account.
  • Location has been changed to not be a requirement while registering.
  • Theme improvements ( ooo fancy colours )
  • A few admin feature updates.
  • UI.X updates.
  • New Smilies.
  • New hidden features. You can now hide text from people who do not have an account.
  • Image upload limit has now been updated to 10mb ( will be upgraded if needed )
  • Gif avatars ( coming soon )
  • Removed old posts ( removed outdated information )
  • GDPR account removal is working flawlessly ( Thank you Xenforo <3 )
:mc_261-0: Bug/error Fixes/updates:

  • We've managed to shoot down some bugs that caused our HyperMusic & HyperCore to crash. This has been fixed... FINALLY!!
  • Our Discord bot footer for HyperMusic broke when we updated our website. This has now been fixed and updated to our new logo!
  • Sticky survey in Minecraft has been fixed. It's still broken :( sooo, maybe not so fixed XD
  • MySQL timeout bug where servers would all startup at once and would overload the server causing them to crash and go into an endless loop has been fixed.
  • MySQL total connection error has been fixed.
  • SSL's have been updated and renewed.
Thank you everyone for working with us! This month has been a tough one since this website isn't even a month old yet and we've already grown so much. I cannot wait to see how far we go with this. Thank you all for reading and until next month. Have a good one <3

Made with love <3
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