Development Updates: #2 Survival server

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Hello, Minecrafters!!

We have been hard at work with our Survival server and we've been looking into releasing it to the public. This way you can all come and play with us. Sadly, we haven't had the work force behind us to get the server up to standards before releasing. So... Here is what were going to do. We are going to release an open beta for all of our members to come and try out. Your data will be kept even when we fully release. With that said, I would like to show off some of the features we have got so far!


The picture above shows our beautiful spawn that we have managed to make within the side of a mountain. This beautiful spawn will be packed with holograms detailing how to play and what commands to use to get started on our server.

Did you just die? Lose all your stuff? No problem. You will have access to /back as well as your death cords being posted in chat for only your eyes to see. This will save a lot of your wonderful time and potentially all your items.

We have permissions being worked on constantly. If you feel like you could be able to develop a command, please let us know and we will help you out!

We have a very rewarding voting system. When you vote, you get given a voting key which you use on one of our crates at spawn. You will then be given a random item.


We take pride in what we do! We love to make sure that you all are enjoying your time on the network. Feel free to chat with us, we're a friendly bunch. Some bite but most don't, don't hold back on pinging us in our Discord!
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