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Important Applying For Staff

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Thank You for taking the next step in helping our community.

A few basic requirements for staff are as follows:

1. You have to be 13 or older.​
2. You must have at least 24hours on the server.​
3. You have to have AT LEAST 6 hours of play time a month.​

If you do not meet any of these requirements you will not be considered for staff.

In order to apply for staff you will need to answer all of the questions in a new thread within the Apply for Staff forum.

The questions are as follows:

  1. 1. Why would you like to become a staff member on this server?

  2. 2. What position are you aiming for?

  3. 3. Have you linked your in game profile to your forums profile?

  4. 4. Are you 13 or over?

5. How many hours have you spent on this server?

6. What past experience do you have at being a staff member (no server names or IPs)

7. If you answered yes on the previous question, why did you leave the staff team on that server? (if this doesn't apply to you feel free to skip the question.)

  • 8. Have you ever been kicked/muted/banned on this server?

9. How many applications have you made before?

10. Do you speak any other languages other than English?

11. What time zone do you live in?

12. What level would you rate your maturity (10 being most mature)?

13. What would you describe as your best quality?

14. What would you describe as your greatest weakness?

15. Are you able to record?

16. Are you able to use discord?

17. Do you have a working microphone?

18. Anything else we should know about you before making a decision?


Once we receive your application we will review it and discuss your application with the other head members of the staff team, Our aim is to have the best possible staff to aid in the operation of the server and to help our community. However this takes time so please be patient.

Kind regards,

The HyperGaming Staff Team
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Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.