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Discord Bots | You can use these :) FOR FREE

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Our Discord is updating and we are allowing you to use our bots as we grow.


Your all-in-one Discord bot. Not only does this bot support the core functionality of your standard Discord, but it's also all under one roof. Instead of having 5+ different bots to your Discord, you will only need this one.

You can set role management: if a user is in your Discord for more than X days, the bot will automatically give them the role you set. You can also add a reaction role, so users that react with an emoji you set on a message get given a certain role. As a plus, it has a stream alert feature for Youtube and Twitch. These are really cool features that we've used in our own Discord! We will be constantly adding to this bot and having an update for all of our bots on our website.

Click the link below and add it to your Discord. Type /help and it will DM you a helpful list!
Developments #2
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Hello minecrafters!! [ INSIGHT INTO DEVELOPMENT ]

We have been hard at work with our Survival server and we've been looking into releasing to the public so you can all come and play with us but we haven't had the work force behind us to get the server up to standards before releasing. So... Here is what were going to do. We are going to release an open beta for all of our members to come and try out. Your data will be kept even when we fully release. So with that said... I would like to show off some of the features we have got so far!

The picture above shows our beautiful spawn that we have managed to make within the side of a mountain! This beautiful spawn will be packed with holograms detailing how to play and what commands you should use to get started on our server!

Did you just die? Lose all your stuff? No problem. You will have access to /back as well as your death cords being posted in chat for only your eyes to see. This will save a lot of you wonderful...
Development Updates #1
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Okay. Sooo I've remade our entire admin panel and I'm setting up the nodes right now. Here is what I've done so far.

  • Installed 2 Ubuntu 16.04 OS's
  • Installed dependencies
  • Installed daemon 1 on London1
  • Setup an SSL under our nginx web server ( Panel )
  • Installed 25 IPv4 addresses on London1
  • purged messy files ( more ssd space yay )
  • backed up London1 and London2 entirely
  • fixed admin panel login issue
  • fixed authentication error
  • fixed user permission error
  • fixed creating admin user error
  • fixed server assignments error

These issues was fixed quickly and our entire game network went offline during these changes. Sorry about that :(

Announcing our new website

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So we've been working on our new Forums and Site.
Hope you enjoy it and find it useful
(This is kind of a test for to see if this works so <3)

What do you think about our old banner?

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